Current Series: Join us on Wednesday nights as we look into scripture to answer such questions as: Why do we attend church? Why do we pray? Why do we read the bible?

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An anchor is normally associated with a boat. Its purpose is to keep the boat in place for an extended period of time no matter what the enviroment is. Weather rain, storms, wind, or waves, an anchor keeps the boat securely in place. That is exactly what we strive to be, Anchored in Christ. We want to encourage students to ground themselves in Christ and His Word. In return, Christ will keep us regardless of what we go through.
We also believe we should grow together. We do this through weekly studies on Sunday nights, and LifeTalks on Wednesday nights. We also enjoy hangouts once a month, outings, outreach projects, and summer camp. Join us on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:30PM. Check us out on Facebook @